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Florida homeowner’s association brings construction defects claim

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2017 | Construction Litigation |

A Florida homeowner’s association recently brought a construction defects claim against one of the nation’s largest homebuilders. The lawsuit asserts that the members of the homeowner’s association have suffered damages because of the alleged construction defects and deficiencies in the construction of the property. The homeowner’s association asserts that there are construction defects associated with the stucco and exterior coverings of the property.

The homeowner’s association further asserts in its claim that the homebuilder failed to follow applicable safety regulations and guidelines. In addition, the homeowner’s association asserts the homebuilder did not employ appropriate design, engineering or construction practices when building the homes. The homebuilder is also accused of failing to comply with the Florida Building Code, local codes and federal codes and failed to remedy defects, deficiencies and damages to the property.

The homeowner’s association is seeking damages from the homebuilder. Construction litigation can be technical and complex but can also be extremely important to homeowners and those impacted by defective or deficient construction. It is important to understand how to properly approach and pursue construction litigation and to also take into account important time limits associated with bringing a claim for construction defects.

Legal resources are available to homeowners faced with construction defects and deficiencies in the construction of their homes. While construction defects can be overwhelming, legal options are available to help and those impacted by construction defects on their properties should know how to protect themselves and the resources available to them.

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