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The basics of business disputes

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2017 | Commercial Real Estate |

The legal process provides important protections to help facilitate smooth business and commercial real estate transactions. Commercial litigation can arise in a variety of situations and circumstances and may be understandably unwelcome. Commercial real estate disputes and business disputes can arise related to contracts or duties the parties owe to one another. Commercial real estate litigation and business litigation can be complex and technical yet important to understand when facing a contract dispute or other business-related litigation.

Commercial real estate disputes and business disputes can arise when a contract has been breached; when a non-compete agreement has been violated; in relation to shareholder agreements; when an officer or director of a company has breached their fiduciary duties; in various situations concerning partnership agreements; and in circumstances when there has been some type of tortious interference with contractual relations.

Business litigation strategies are important when one of these situations, including business and commercial real estate disputes, arises. Commercial real estate litigation may involve enforcing a contract, negotiating a settlement or litigating a dispute and can involve complex and technical components which is why trained guidance can be useful to help resolve business-related disputes.

Disputes that arise during the course of business can be costly to businesses or the projects they are working on in terms of financial costs and time spent. As a result, it is helpful for businesses and parties to a transaction to understand how to protect themselves and enforce their contractual and other rights when needed to help with a successful transaction.