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Commercial real estate in Florida: do not try this at home!

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2018 | Commercial Real Estate |

Commercial real estate is big business in South Florida — maybe even the biggest. It is connected to all of the state’s major industries from tourism and housing to banking, government and health care. If there is a business sector that requires property, commercial real estate, in some form or another, will come into play.

The trouble is, commercial real estate is whole different animal from residential real estate. Unfortunately, many unsuspecting investors and business folks who have had considerable experience — and even success — in residential real estate can find themselves in deep, hot water, when it comes to the commercial side. Commercial real estate involves different laws, permitting, licensing and even business relationships than does its residential counterpart.

Whether one is involved in leasing, property management, looking to provide venture capital to projects or are a developer, one will need to know what sort of legal hurdles they may encounter along the way. Moreover, the Florida real estate market is dynamic. Along with economic ups and downs and fluid market conditions, the legal environment changes regularly. State and federal laws, along with local zoning and permitting regulations, can complicate what once looked like an open road.

Seasoned attorneys with experience negotiating Florida’s commercial real estate landscape can help to ensure that one owns ventures into the field are successful. From real estate closings and title opinions, to negotiations, purchase agreements or even litigation, our firm is uniquely positioned to be one’s South Florida commercial real estate partner. Visit the dedicated commercial real estate page on our firm’s website to see how we can help in ventures.