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Florida businesses can count on us for complex litigation needs

On Behalf of | May 4, 2018 | Business Litigation |

Conducting business in Florida, as experienced executives and owners know, can be fraught with pitfalls. From poorly drafted agreements to outright bad actors, it can be far too easy for a formerly amicable business arrangement to devolve into a dispute or potentially litigation. For this reason, it is crucial to have a seasoned business litigation attorney on whom you can rely.

Partners in a partnership or limited limited liability company may have a disagreement over terms or accounting of partnership assets and liabilities. Or if a partner seeks to leave the firm, a dispute may arise over what is owed and who owes it (i.e., the exiting partner or the partnership/LLC). These types of matters can make for unpleasant and expensive litigation. Often, it is better to try and negotiate an arrangement to save money on both sides. And negotiation is something at which experienced business litigators excel.

Similar to partner disputes, shareholder disputes can also become unpleasant, particularly where a minority shareholder may feel his or her rights have been infringed upon. These types of matters involve in-depth knowledge of accounting, accounting principles and finance. Payton and Associates is well-versed in matters involving complex accounting and financial detail.

Our firm’s expertise in business litigation and complex commercial matters has been recognized by The Florida Bar, as well as by our clients and colleagues across the state – in both Florida and Federal courts. Regardless of the type of business or commercial matter with which you may need assistance, the experienced attorneys of Payton and Associates will make sure that it’s handled with the utmost capability and professionalism. Please visit the dedicated Complex Commercial and Business Litigation page on our firm’s website to learn how we can assist you in your business matter.