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South Florida computer faces fraud charges

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2018 | Business Litigation |

Individuals and businesses often rely on other firms for important services to help make their own business run smoothly. Unfortunately, however, it seems that not all businesses are out to perform the services that they purport to do. Sometimes they are simply fraudulent enterprises disguised as legitimate concerns. These types of companies then prey on other businesses, causing losses of hard-earned money, as well as time.

As the Miami Herald reports, a tech firm that operated primarily in Broward and Palm Beach Counties was one such predatory sham operation. The firm changed names a few times since 2013, when the scam began, but it purported to be a computer repair and tech support service business. However, the business was often responsible for the tech bugs they were contacted to fix.

Usually triggered by a misspelled web address (URL), the firm would cause an apocalyptic pop-up window to appear on users’ monitor screens, freezing the computer and announcing that the computer contained malware or a virus, along with a phone number to call. Those who called the number were reeled into a sales pitch for a system “tune-up” and installation of anti-virus software, which were done remotely. The scam allegedly netted the fraudsters more than $25 million internationally.

While fraud, unfortunately, cannot always be prevented, there are still steps that can be taken to recover from it after the fact. If a business or individual has been the target of fraud, you will need the advice of experienced business litigation attorneys. A seasoned lawyer can help investigate the fraudulent activity, trace diverted funds and other assets, and work to secure a judgment against the perpetrators.