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Common types of construction disputes that arise

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2018 | Construction Litigation |


There are many buildings and other structures in Florida, and none of them built themselves. Each building required construction, and given the different aspects of any building project, they often require a general contractor and then various subcontractors to complete various aspects of the project. All of the people involved must do their job in order to complete the project correctly. Then, once their jobs are completed, they need to receive the compensation that they earned.

To help ensure that the work is completed by the contractors and subcontractors as well as to ensure that people are paid for their work, these various people sign contracts. These could be contracts between the owner and the general contractor or contracts between general contractors and subcontractors. Contracts can be broken, though, and when that occurs there can be disputes that arise and lead to construction litigation.

Some of the common disputes that arise are disputes over the scope of work that is to be completed between owners and general contractors. This usually occurs when the two sides have different interpretations of the scope of work. Another common dispute that arises is between general contractors and subcontractors over the scope of work. Sometimes there is a dispute when a new subcontractor is substituted in for another one. Also, there can be disputes over construction defects during the construction of the building.

Construction projects in Florida can involve many different people and companies. There are many different aspects involved in these projects, and they can also last for a very long time. So, not surprisingly, disputes arise during these projects. These disputes can involve large sums of money and can have major impacts on those involved. It is important that people understand their rights and obligations in these situations and consulting with a professional experienced in construction law may be very valuable.