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We assist Florida companies facing commercial foreclosure

There are many different aspects of businesses in Florida. Companies must deal with the basics of the business such as selling their product. This includes manufacturing, packaging, shipping, marketing, advertising and other activities. Companies also must ensure their accounting is being done and they know their profits and losses. They need to deal with hiring and firing employees, payroll and other aspects of their labor force. However, in order to do these things, the company must have a building or buildings to conduct all these aspects of the business.

When contract disputes go to an arbitrator instead of courts

People in Florida agree to do certain things for others daily. However, if one party wants to truly ensure that the other party will follow through on what they say they will do, then the parties should enter into a contract. That is why businesses in Florida usually have contracts when they enter into agreements with other businesses. These types of contracts are also usually written so if there is ever a dispute later on the parties can refer to the written terms to determine what each of their responsibilities are.

There are many disputes that arise in partnerships

There are many different businesses in Florida. There are also different ways that these businesses can form. Some businesses form as S-corporations and others C-corporations. They could also form as a limited liability company, a sole proprietorship, a partnership and others. The type of business formation chooses depends on a number of factors, but it is important that the company clearly states the roles of the people in leadership to try and limit potential disputes that may arise in the future.

Architects or engineers may be liable for construction problems

There are many buildings constructed each year in Florida. However, there are many steps to undertake before a building is completed and tenants move in. The process starts with developers and companies researching good locations to build. There are real estate transactions to purchase the property, architects and engineers must design the building, construction companies build it and, finally, the tenants begin occupying the spaces.

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