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Architects or engineers may be liable for construction problems

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2019 | Construction Litigation |


There are many buildings constructed each year in Florida. However, there are many steps to undertake before a building is completed and tenants move in. The process starts with developers and companies researching good locations to build. There are real estate transactions to purchase the property, architects and engineers must design the building, construction companies build it and, finally, the tenants begin occupying the spaces.


Throughout this process, there are many people involved at every step. In each step of the process, things can go wrong as well. If something is done incorrectly, there could be construction litigation involved to determine who is at fault for the problem. The litigation often involves the construction phase of the project, but it is not always the fault of the construction workers.

There are times when there were defects in the design of the building. This usually arises when the construction was done correctly, according to the plans but there are still problems. These could be design flaws for water drainage, or not enough support for certain structures or other flaws.

There are many people that are involved in the construction of a building, but the process starts when architects and engineers design the buildings. Sometimes, the problem starts here and, even if the building is constructed perfectly, will still result in damages because of design defects. In these situations, the architects or engineers may be liable for the damages and be required to compensate the victims for the damages they cause. These can be complicated cases to prove and experienced attorneys may be a useful resource.