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Costs due to delays could lead to construction disputes

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2019 | Construction Litigation |


There are many different aspects of construction projects in Florida. The specific requirements and aspects of a construction project depend on the purpose of the building, the size of the building and many other factors. Therefore, architects and engineers design the building to the specifications desired by the owner of the project. Then the construction process begins, the foundation is laid, the basic structure is erected and then the specifics of the interior are completed.


Getting through all those steps involves many different subcontractors and materials needed at each step along the way. These projects take a long time to complete. When the project begins, planning is very important. Usually the contracts state specific timelines for when certain phases of the project will be completed as well as the when the entire project will be done. However, during many construction projects delays occur for a variety of reasons, which usually means that the costs will increase.

This can lead to construction litigation to determine who is responsible for the additional costs associated with the delays. If contractors want to request extra money from the owner, they must demonstrate that the delay was excusable. These types of delays may be specifically stated in the contract and generally include things like changes by the owners, unexpected weather and other things out of the contractor’s control. However, if the delay was foreseeable or could have been prevented by the contractors, they may need to pay for the extra costs.

There are many different construction projects in Florida every year. The size and scope of these projects vary greatly. However, any construction project could experience delays. The delays will increase the overall costs of the project. Either the contractor or the owner will be responsible for these extra costs, and determining which party is responsible can lead to disputes. Experienced attorneys understand the laws regarding these disputes and may be a useful resource.