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Main types of construction defects that may lead to lawsuits

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2019 | Construction Litigation |


There are construction projects occurring every day in Florida. Many homes, offices, apartment buildings and other buildings are being built and there are many designers, construction companies, suppliers and construction workers that are involved in these projects. There are also many different phases of the project and different companies that complete these various phases. This means that there are many different things that can go wrong throughout the project.


At the end of the project, it may be discovered that there were different construction defects due to the mistakes that were made during the project. The defects can result in significant damage and be very costly to the owner of the buildings. The owner may be able to recover compensation for the damages caused by the defect. However, as there are different phases of the project, it is important to know who was responsible for the defect in order to pursue compensation.

There are four main types of construction defects. There are design defects, which are caused by the architects or engineers who were responsible for the design of the building. There are material defects, which means that the product used was deficient and the company who made the materials could be liable for damages. There are workmanship defects, which are caused by the workers who did the actual construction made mistakes. The other main defect is subsurface defects, which means that the foundation was not solid because the soil was not properly prepared prior to beginning the project.

Construction projects in Florida can take a long time to complete from the time the design is started to the time when companies or people actually move into the buildings. Some of these projects are very large and involve many different companies and workers to complete them. Sometimes there are defects in these projects, and the owner of the building may be entitled to compensation as a result. However, it can be a complicated process to determine which company may be at fault. Due to the complexity of these cases, consulting with experienced attorneys may be useful.