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Experienced Representation in Real Estate Broker Disputes

When buying or selling investment properties or other high-value real estate, it is important to know exactly what would happen in the event a dispute arises. You need to make sure that you are taking the appropriate steps throughout all parts of the process.

At Payton & Associates, LLC, we have represented many clients in real estate broker litigation, and know what it takes to build a successful claim on our clients’ behalf. We are extremely client-focused, and will work with you at all steps to ensure that you have the information you need going forward.

Assisting with Litigation, Mediation or Arbitration

Not every dispute will find its way inside the courtroom. The terms of your contract may even specify that you are to resolve the matter using either mediation or arbitration. No matter the direction of your case, our attorneys are ready to help.

Our firm’s founding member, Harry A. Payton, has handled complex real estate claims involving brokers, buyers and sellers over the course of his legal career, many of these cases involving properties worth millions of dollars. Mr. Payton and the rest of our team are confident that we can do what is necessary to protect your investment. We have extensive experience in real estate matters, including cases involving international disputes.

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