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Lawsuit: Major U.S. window manufacturer misappropriated trade secrets

When two businesses enter into a contract, there is not only an expectation that both parties will fulfill their obligations as outlined within the four corners of the document, but that each side will also abstain from conduct that could prove detrimental to their respective business interests.

Target settles breach of contract suit over 2013 data breach

Miami consumers may remember that in Dec. 2013, retail giant Target experienced a data breach that compromised the personal information of millions of customers across the country. Subsequently, a lawsuit was filed by more than 100 people alleging breach of contract, among other misdeeds. Recently, Target settled the lawsuit for $10 million.

Housing authority sued for breach of contract

A housing authority located in another state is being sued by its former director after allegations surfaced that he was owed wages not remitted by the authority. Breach of contract suits are hardly uncommon in the business world, as Florida business insiders are already aware. In this case, if the authority is found to have breached the contract with its former employee, it could be required to pay the amount demanded. 

Race track faces possible breach of contract suit

Scarborough Downs, the famed race track, entered into a contract with fellow track Suffolk Downs back in 2012, but since then tensions between the two organizations have been on the rise. Suffolk is threatening a $180,000 breach of contract lawsuit for an alleged failure to pay out profits from remote bets. Florida horse race fans will recognize the practice of remote betting, but if money was not changing hands as it should have, the suit may carry weight in court. 

Video production company threatened with breach of contract suit

Mummy Cat Productions, hired by a city commission to produce a promotional trailer, is facing potential backlash according to business news. The company apparently managed to derive considerable intellectual property from the taxpayer-funded film, which it went on to use in other work. This could constitute a breach of contract, which Florida business owners understand to be a serious charge. 

WWE head threatening breach of contract suit against wrestler

Vince McMahon, known the world over as the head of the famous WWE franchise, is targeting one of his wrestlers with a potential lawsuit, sports insiders have alleged. Florida fans are likely familiar with wrestler Brock Lesnar, who may be facing a breach of contract suit filed by McMahon sometime later this year. The suit involves rumblings in the organization that Lesnar may be thinking about leaving the franchise's employ. 

County sued in $5.4 million breach of contract suit

A recycling company is suing a state county for allegedly reneging on an agreement to pay for scrap metal removal, according to business news. Big Island Scrap Metal is suing an out-of-state government for breach of contract after the county allegedly failed to pay out for removing scrap metal from two local landfills. As Florida business owners already know, even governmental agencies can be brought to the stand when a contract is brought into question. 

Construction company faces breach of contract suit

A construction company is under fire after allegedly failing to pay for work provided by a subcontractor, according to business news. Florida construction investors are aware of the dangers of asbestos and the need to test work sites for the toxic substance. The breach of contract suit details how the construction company failed to provide payment for these services. 

Noted disc jockey Big Boy sued for breach of contract

A communications conglomerate is suing one of its most visible personalities for allegedly violating the terms of his employment agreement, according to business news. Florida radio fans might be familiar with the disc jockey Big Boy, who is reportedly being sued for breach of contract for allegedly walking out on his employers earlier in the month. The popular on-air personality took to social media to indirectly respond to the allegations, which will be overseen by a business court local to the parent company. 

Legendary funk singer wins breach of contract suit

A musician best known for bringing the music of a classic Motown group to the world has been successful in suing for what he claims was a backlog of owed royalties. Sly Stone, known to Florida fans as the head of the legendary Sly and the Family Stone, recently filed a breach of contract suit against his own recording company and his business partners. He claimed he was owed a huge sum of royalties the company never paid him, and apparently a superior business court agreed. 

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