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Fraudsters used shell companies, stole South Florida real estate

When it comes to fraud, some perpetrators are simply bolder than others. In South Florida, where fraud schemes on a grand scale are somewhat commonplace, it can take quite a bit to turn people's heads. However, a recent scheme uncovered in Broward County is certainly among the most brazen in the recent history of South Florida fraud cases.

Protecting your trade secrets in Florida

A trade secret is an important type of a business's intellectual property for which the laws of Florida afford protection. A trade secret can be a formula, a proprietary device, a recipe or even a list of clients. Anything that is proprietary to a business and that gives the business an advantage over competitors who do not possess the information or do not have the knowledge to use the information could be considered a trade secret. Theft of a trade secret in Florida could give rise to a business tort claim and possibly even criminal charges.

Miami man sentenced, ordered to pay restitution in fraud case

Health care is one of the fastest growing business sectors in South Florida and across the United States. With such tremendous growth, however, comes the possibility of wrongdoing. In recent months, several individuals have been arrested, charged or sentenced on fraud claims involving health care operations. Typically, these cases involve fraudulent insurance claims.

Crypto-craze invites fraud, recalls South Florida of yore

Cryptocurrency is big business these days. People are hoarding and speculating in such currencies as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple today like they did in gold and other precious metals in the past. The craze for the unregulated cryptos has led to the creation of investment funds, soaring prices with wild fluctuations and, of course, fraud. In South Florida, the similarities between today's hunger for cryptocurrencies and that for precious metals has not gone unnoticed, inviting comparisons between infamous gold fraud cases of the past and the $700 million in crypto fraud claims that arose in last year.

Health care and insurance fraud alive and well in Florida

It seems that South Florida, along with the rest of the state, is regularly inundated with news of the next big fraud case in the Sunshine State. Lately, though, it seems a like a lot of the news centers on fraud claims in the health and insurance industries. In the last few weeks, for example, law enforcement agencies have busted people involved in property insurance fraud, while defendants involved in large-scale home health care and pharmacy fraud schemes received sizable sentences.

Florida Ponzi scheme laws

A Ponzi scheme is a type of investment fraud that pays individuals who invested earlier in the scheme with the money the swindle takes in from later later investors. This creates the illusion that the enterprise is profitable and keeps law enforcement at bay - while it lasts. For years, Florida has unfortunately proven to be fertile ground for these types of schemes, whether involving gold bullion, fake stocks or real estate.

Miami police officer accused of Ponzi scheme

It appears that even law enforcement is not above the easy money a Ponzi scheme can appear to offer. Recently, the FBI arrested a veteran Miami police officer as he was about board a plane to Costa Rica. The officer was allegedly running a Ponzi scheme during his off hours and has been charged with wire fraud.

Fraud continues to be rampant

In 2015, an article that appeared in the New York Post called South Florida "the organized fraud capital of America." Unfortunately, a current look at the region's legal landscape does little to dispel such a notion. From property and casualty insurance to parking and disability benefits, or construction and Ponzi schemes, fraud continues to plague the state.

South Florida fraud case revealed 8,400 defrauded investors

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has accused a former Boca Raton company and a California investor of running a $1.2 billion Ponzi scheme. The SEC claims the scheme defrauded 8,400 investors, many of whom were senior citizens. According to the complaint, after the fraud collapsed, investors were owed more than $960 million in outstanding principal. Over a quarter of the investors placed their retirement funds into the scheme.

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