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A former employee's actions may be breach of contract

Over the course of several years, Florida business owners often build strong relationships with their employees, vendors and other contacts. No matter how strong these relationships may be, however, they can quickly deteriorate when disputes arise and people part ways.

How long can a restrictive covenant be enforced in Florida?

As discussed last week in this blog, Florida law allows employers and other entities to impose certain restrictive covenants in their dealings with others. In order to be enforced, the restrictive covenant must be supported by a legitimate business interest, such as trade secret or confidential business information, relationships with customers or goodwill.

When can restrictive covenants be enforced under Florida law?

One of the general principles underlying the American economy is the value placed upon free and open competition. While Florida residents enjoy competing in the free market with one another, there are also certain circumstances in which the restraint of trade may be permissible by law.

Settlement reached in $5.5 billion Miami lawsuit

In the Miami business community, the stakes can be extremely high when allegations of wrongdoing are asserted by one company against another. A single lawsuit can raise the specter of damages running into the millions, which can not only impact a business's bottom line, but its very ability to stay afloat and continue its operations.

What are business torts?

When a Miami resident suffers harm as a result of the negligent or reckless conduct of another person, the injured party usually has the right to sue the responsible entity for his or her injury-related losses. Lawsuits based on injuries and losses are generally called torts, and torts can affect businesses as well as individuals.

Holding others accountable when business disputes arise

Two minds are better than one, or so the saying goes. In the business community, this principle often holds true, as Miami residents can accomplish great things by teaming up with others and putting their skills together. At the same time, however, business partnerships can quickly deteriorate, particularly when one partner alleges wrongdoing by the other.

How does a partner bring an action against another partner?

When Miami residents suffer wrongdoing at the hands of another person, it is important to know how to hold that person responsible for the wrongdoing. This can be easier said than done when it comes to the legal system, as there are certain requirements that must be followed to start a lawsuit against the other person.

What kinds of non-compete agreements are enforceable?

Miami businesses work hard to compete with others in the market. As discussed last week in this blog, companies want to prevent their competitors from taking away the company's confidential information and competitive advantage. Often times, companies seek to have their employees sign a non-compete agreement in order to accomplish this goal, which bars employees from working for competitors or otherwise competing in the event the employee leaves the company.

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