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Patent dispute leads to unusual legal malpractice lawsuit

Florida patent holders may find a recent lawsuit of interest. The case involves a legal malpractice claim made by the client of a law firm. However, the complaint does not address issues surrounding how the client was represented by the law firm. At the heart of the case is the accusation that members of the firm were allowed to improperly access and use confidential patent information to steal intellectual property from the client for the use and profit of family members.

'Bachelor' interference with contractual relations suit

Many Florida readers will be familiar with the long-running hit reality television series 'The Bachelor.' The show gives viewers an inside look as multiple women compete for the affections of one eligible bachelor. The end of the show often features a proposal. Fans who cannot wait until an episode airs to know the outcome can turn to a number of websites that provide 'spoilers' that reveal details on the show. The man behind one of those sites has now been sued for interference with contractual relations.

Lawsuit ends royalty disputes over Napoleon Dynamite

Florida readers may be big fans of the cult hit movie 'Napoleon Dynamite.' The movie was released to little acclaim in 2004, but grew into a cult classic once released to home video. The movie has been the subject of intense litigation since 2011, when the production company behind the film sued FOX Searchlight over royalty disputes.

Contract disputes lawsuit focuses on breach of confidentiality

When a Florida company enters into an agreement with another entity, the contract between the two parties must clearly outline the expectations of each toward the other. Confidentiality clauses are often included, and are written to prevent the misuse of inside information that either party may gain about the other. When breach of confidentiality contract disputes arise, having a clearly drafted contract can help the parties determine a course of action, and can avoid lengthy and expensive litigation in many cases.

Former WNBA team owner files legal malpractice suit

A recently filed lawsuit has an unusual defendant: the law firm originally hired to assist the plaintiff in another matter. Legal malpractice suits are not common, but many prove to have interesting legal arguments concerning the duties that attorneys and firms have toward their clients. Florida residents may follow the progress of this case to find how the courts will handle the claims within the suit.

Royalty disputes center of musician James Taylor's lawsuit

When an individual or group creates an artistic work and then licenses the use of that creation to another party, royalty payments are often the form of compensation laid out in the agreement between the two entities. Royalties often form the base of an artist's income, and many are able to retire or take a new artistic direction due to the stability of their royalty income stream. However, royalty disputes are common in Florida and elsewhere, and a recently filed lawsuit demonstrates just how lucrative royalty deals can be, and how important it is to protect one's artistic property.

Fraud claims central focus of new lawsuit against U.S. Bank

Florida residents may be aware of a new twist in the ongoing legal battles between U.S. Bank and Peregrine Financial Group. A lawsuit has been filed by the son of Russ Wasendorf Sr., who recently pleaded guilty to a range of crimes connected to the financial scandal. The new suit makes fraud claims against U.S. Bank, claiming the institution assisted Wasendorf Sr., former CEO of Peregrine, in lying to regulators concerning the misuse of customer funds during the investigation.

Legal malpractice case tied to football player's 1991 death

In 1991, during a college football game in Orlando, Florida, a defensive lineman was injured on the field. He was transported to a hospital, where it was determined that he had fractured his right leg in the incident. Just five days later the 20-year-old man suffered an embolism in connection to the injury, which led to his death. Now, the mother of this promising football player who died in the prime of his life has joined with his daughter to file a legal malpractice suit against the law firm originally hired to represent the family in the medical malpractice suit.

Royalty disputes: Miami writers should understand the contract

For artists and writers in Miami, protecting their intellectual property and ensuring they receive appropriate and agreed-upon payments for their work is an important concern. When these creative entrepreneurs feel they are not receiving what they deserve, royalty disputes arise. These disputes often hinge on the original contract between artist and the business that distributes their work, where breaches may be discovered.

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