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What is required to allege and prove a fraud claim?

When Florida residents are alleged to have done something wrong, the allegations alone can be a very serious matter. This is particularly true for Florida businesses, which thrive on having a solid reputation and good will with their customers. And it is even more true when certain allegations are made, such as accusations of fraud.

What must be shown to prevail in a fraud claim?

Florida residents place a great deal of trust in one another in all walks of life. This is true in the business world as in any other situation, as businesses have trust that their business partners, vendors and other entities will follow through on their promises.

Colbert character stirs potential intellectual property suit

The law can be complicated and confusing for Miami residents who become entangled in legal disputes. What may seem like a simple issue on the surface can quickly turn into a nuanced and complex corporate dispute between different parties. This is especially true in certain areas of the law like business litigation involving an intellectual property dispute.

What is your strategy for resolving high stakes litigation?

The stakes can be high when Miami businesses become involved in a corporate dispute. In the matter of days, what may seem like a relatively small dispute can quickly escalate into major litigation, with hundreds of thousands of dollars or more on the line.

Preventing the other side from harmful acts during litigation

Miami business owners are often used to living and working in a fast-paced environment. A business's situation can change dramatically in a short period of time, for the better or worse. Accordingly, business owners not only need to know how to plan properly for future contingencies, but to be able to react to sudden developments as well.

What terms should a confidentiality clause contain?

Many Miami businesses strive to get the word out about their business as much as possible, so that others know about them and can utilize their products or services. More information to the public is not always better, however, such as when there is sensitive information about a business dispute that the company seeks to keep private.

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