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Lawsuit: Major U.S. window manufacturer misappropriated trade secrets

When two businesses enter into a contract, there is not only an expectation that both parties will fulfill their obligations as outlined within the four corners of the document, but that each side will also abstain from conduct that could prove detrimental to their respective business interests.

Cross-border business dispute in Florida

An interesting case has arisen locally, having to do with the complicated issue of inheritance. An issue arising from an inheritance dispute is essentially a business dispute in itself, because of the legalities involved in ensuring that inheritance and trust reach the right hand. The case here in Florida has to do with a mother and daughter who disagree on how and where their money is being spent. 

Company sues for breach of contract and is counter sued

An unusual piece of business litigation is playing out in a southern state, according to local business news. A learning management system provider has filed a breach of contract suit against a university for allegedly providing their service to more students than the contract stipulated.  Interestingly, the university is filing a counter suit, asserting that the company overcharged them for services rendered.  Florida business owners understand how complicated a case like this could potentially become.

Florida county suing for breach of contract

Sarasota County is seeing red after a company that promised to provide new jobs to the community apparently failed to live up to expectations. The Florida county is suing Sanborn Studios for breach of contract since the 117 jobs promised by the company have not materialized. Representation for Sanborn is calling the lawsuit "frivolous," and the business litigation case is proceeding to court.

Florida business dispute settlement lost after Facebook post

More often than not, confidentiality agreements accompany legal settlements these days. There are often consequences if the parties to the settlement reveal the details of a business dispute settlement. For example, the former headmaster of a south Florida preparatory school recently lost the settlement he negotiated with his former employer due to a Facebook post.

Florida company owners may be interested in business dispute

As many business owners and operators know, the name of a company and the way it is advertised can have a considerable impact on the flow of business. Therefore, if a company with a similar name appears in the same line of business, a trademark infringement could potentially be declared and a business dispute could follow. Depending on the outcomes of such a dispute, a name change could be in order for a business.

Construction company awarded $2.5 million in business litigation

Forming a business relationship can be a profitable endeavor if things go as planned on a project. However, when a project is derailed due to unexpected circumstances, a business relationship can quickly sour in Florida or in any other state. This seems to be what happened between a construction company and the owner of a hotel, resulting in a business litigation lawsuit.

Breach of contract suit filed in Florida baseball bungle

The Major League Baseball association has filed suit against a prominent clinic for tortious interference, and a local court has refused to see the case thrown out. A Florida court has agreed to not dismiss the suit filed by the MLB against the Biogenesis clinic for actions they say led players to commit breach of contract. The case is largely unprecedented in Florida history and is being dealt with in several unique ways.

Florida businessman files breach of contract suit

A financier who claims a city commission reneged on a written agreement has begun the process of filing suit. Florida financier Taylor Purdell has stated his intent to take Winter Haven to court over an alleged breach of contract. He filed the preliminary paperwork as of June 7.

Former Defense Secretary claims breach of contract in Florida

The man who served as Ronald Reagan's Secretary of Defense has launched a suit against a man he claims swindled him into investing millions in defective technology. Frank Carlucci, who also spent time as a CIA executive, is suing Florida company Envion for breach of contract after the company's owner allegedly gave misleading information to Carlucci about the nature of his company's product. Carlucci claims he invested more than $32 million in Envion before realizing the fraud.

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