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Business dispute in Florida puts former director under scrutiny

A possible conflict of interest has brought scrutiny to the business practices of the former executive director of South Florida's water management district. Just days after the former director resigned her position, other officials began speculating on why a company owned by a colleague of hers managed to beat out a world-class company for a lucrative business contract in the Florida area. The business dispute is now being more closely analyzed.

Ongoing business dispute sparks Florida-based lawsuit

An out-of-state trucking company has filed a lawsuit here in Florida against a national refueling company currently under fire for fraud allegations. The suit, filed in federal court in Pensacola on May 17, stems from an ongoing business dispute between Pilot Flying J and a number of trucking companies who say the company has misrepresented its fuel rebate program. An investigation is ongoing.

Florida residents sue company for breach of contract

A contracting company with over a 50-year history building custom homes has come under fire from a couple who say work on their home was never completed. The Florida-based company is being sued for breach of contract over a window installation the couple alleges the company did not complete, even after apparently accepting a $100,000 deposit. June 26 has been established as an initial hearing date for this case.

Facebook settles business litigation case for undisclosed amount

Companies like Facebook don't like to throw in the towel, so to speak. They're used to getting pretty much what they want. However, even a hugely successful company finds that it must pay the piper once in a while. The reported case did not take place in Florida, but it follows general business litigation principles that are instructive.

Former business partner sues Garth Brooks for breach of contract

When business partners make agreements it is essential to fully understand the terms of the contract. Without this type of understanding it can be easy to end up in a legal dispute in Florida or in any other state. Garth Brooks is learning this lesson since he was recently sued by his former business partner for breach of contract. The country singer's entertainment company spoke on the singer's behalf and says that Brooks adamantly denies the claims in the lawsuit against him.

Handling business dispute matters for new business ventures

When an individual or partners are in the early stages of a new Florida business venture, sprits are often high. The future is wide open, and any level of success and personal fulfillment can be imagined. This high level of enthusiasm is an excellent source of positive momentum for newly formed businesses, but is not sufficient to ensure success and avoid a future business dispute.

Social media raises questions in business litigation

When a Florida business owner makes use of social media to promote their business or market services, significant legal questions can arise as to ownership of the account and any 'followers' or contacts gained through that account. Without a clearly defined written agreement that pertains to the use of social media accounts and rights to contacts gained from said use, it can be difficult to determine which party 'owns' access to those contacts. The result could be expensive business litigation for both sides, without a clear prediction of which party might prevail in court.

Business dispute issues can be avoided with proper planning

At the onset of a new Florida business venture, spirits are usually high. The promise of success, excitement over the future and a cooperative approach often define the relationship between partners. All parties share the hope that the venture will be rewarding and profitable for everyone involved. While no one wants to anticipate a negative end to a business partnership, it is imperative for business partners to take the time to properly define their expectations and the process for handling any future business dispute.

Business litigation suit over missing health care data

When a Florida business contracts with another business for goods or services, the transaction is often covered by a written contract between the parties. By using such an instrument, the expectations of all parties is fully outlined in writing, and miscommunication can be minimized. However, there are instances in which the relationship between the parties is compromised, or the agreed-upon transaction does not go as expected. In those cases, business litigation is often the result.

Instagram sued in class action for breach of contract

Florida readers are likely familiar with Instagram, the Facebook-owned company that provides online photo sharing services. The company is making headlines across the nation due to the recent filing of a class action lawsuit brought by Instagram users. At the heart of the case is a claim that the company is in breach of contract.

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