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Florida non-compete agreements can lead to litigation

In matters of employment, the decisions that an individual makes at the beginning of their tenure with a Florida company can have longstanding effects, even after they choose to leave to pursue other career options. One executive who recently left Amazon to go to work for Google is currently facing just such a challenge and is being sued by his former employer. Non-compete agreements form the backbone of this and similar lawsuits, and are an issue that both employees and employers should pay close attention to.

Employee sues for breach of contract, non-compete clause

A recent business litigation case in West Palm Beach, Florida, highlights the difficulties that workers can have when the terms of their employment are not in line with the employment agreement that they originally signed. The case pits one worker against the debt-collection agency with whom he has been employed for 10 years. The employee has filed suit against his employer, alleging breach of contract.

Miami consumers watch Apple and Samsung business litigation

Miami consumers are likely aware of the litigation currently pending between Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics. The business litigation surrounds Apple's accusations that Samsung has copied designs of Apple's iPad and iPhone, while at the same time Samsung is countering that Apple drew inspiration for its product from Sony Corp. Last week, the trial officially began with its initial rounds of testimony.

Miami shoppers: Macy's, Martha Stewart debate breach of contract

Miami shoppers may have heard that Macy's Inc. and Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc. are taking up arms this month in a court dispute over an alleged violation of a contract between the two. The alleged breach of contract came about when Martha Stewart agreed to sell their products at J.C. Penney, a rival of Macy's, despite a previous agreement to exclusively sell at Macy's. Neither company has yet commented on the case.

Cree and SemiLEDs settle ongoing patent, business litigation

Intellectual property rights are a serious matter for companies that develop and distribute new products. When these rights are infringed upon by competing companies, the wronged company is harmed, and business litigation is often the result. Florida readers may know of Cree, the U.S. LED lighting developer. It has been engaged in patent infringement litigation with SemiLEDs, a Taiwanese company that manufactures LED chips and components. It was recently reported that the two have finally agreed to come to a settlement.

Drugmaker Pfizer settles menopause drug cases for $896 million

Residents of the Miami Dade area might be aware of the string of lawsuits Pfizer Inc., the world's largest drugmaker, has dealt with over the last nine years. The business litigation concerns menopause and hormone replacement medication that is alleged to cause cancer in women and has brought in more than 10,000 lawsuits against the company.

Facebook's rocky IPO may lead to business litigation

Florida residents are no doubt familiar with Facebook's recent initial public offering and change from a private investment to a public investment. With such a public and widely utilized business, it is no wonder that everyone seems to be keeping a watchful eye on the social media company. These watchful eyes, though, seem to be resulting in some business litigation through lawsuits and suspicion of the company acting wrongly.

Activision and EA business dispute may soon see an end

Some Florida residents may be aware of the back-and-forth allegations between Activision Blizzard Inc. and Electronics Arts Inc., two of the more prominent video game developers, over a recent business dispute. The business dispute began in 2010, when the actions of two former Activision employees set off an already intense rivalry, and continues to be an issue now. Although it is said that the companies reached a settlement at some point -- the information about which was not disclosed -- Activision and EA were set to begin trial for the case on May 29.

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