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Pay Invoice Or Retainer Online

As a courtesy to our clients, Payton & Associates, LLC accepts credit cards for payment of invoices and retainers. As an added service, Payton & Associates, LLC has partnered with LawPay to provide the convenience of making online payments via a secure webpage.

Existing clients wishing to pay an invoice will need to enter the file number and invoice number, along with the payment amount. If the firm is unable to match your payment to an existing account, your charge may be rejected.

Existing clients may replenish their retainer as directed by the attorney, and new clients may also make a retainer payment online. Please note that the submission of a retainer payment also requires that you enter the file number, invoice number and the payment amount. An attorney-client relationship is only created upon the execution of a Legal Services Contract, signed by an authorized representative of Payton & Associates, LLC. Upon direction of an authorized representative of Payton & Associates, LLC and receipt/execution of our engagement letter, new clients may make their payment by credit card. Please call our office if you have questions regarding online payment.

Law Pay


Please read the following: Being the cardholder or the Corporate officer, by submitting an online payment to Payton & Associates, LLC, you agree to pay, and specifically authorize payment by credit card, for the services provided. You further agree that in the event your credit card becomes invalid, you will provide a new valid credit card upon request, to be charged for the payment of any outstanding balances owed. A dispute with the law firm will not be raised with or adjudicated by the credit card company. Any dispute over fees paid by credit card will be settled between the lawyer and the client, governed by the rules of professional conduct and our engagement letter.

Credit card payment notice: Due to bank processing times, it may take two to three days before your account reflects your payment.