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Powerful Advocacy in Fraud Matters and Business Torts

Business torts often arise in the context of partnerships, limited liability companies and closely held corporations, when a member fails to honor his or her obligation to the other members or the organization. The tort aspect of our real estate litigation practice usually concerns fraudulent conveyances, and occasionally concerns fraud in the inducement of a contract. Business torts differ from ordinary breach of contract claims because they may or may not involve contracts, and typically involve intent to do harm. Typical business torts are the following:

  • Fraud
  • Breach of fiduciary duties
  • Aiding and abetting a breach or a fraud
  • Contractual relations
  • Usurpation of business opportunities

The lawyers at Payton & Associates, LLC, have handled multiple cases as counsel for the plaintiff and defendant asserting these causes of action. In one case, for example, we represented shareholders in a derivative action against a corporate officer and obtained a judgment in excess of $10 million.

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