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Posts tagged "Construction Litigation"

Statute of limitations for construction defect claims

There are many different construction projects in Florida and many different companies and individuals who work on these various projects. There are also many different products used to complete the projects and those products are made by many different companies. So, there are many different people and companies that need to be trusted to do their jobs correctly to ensure that the whole construction project is completed correctly.

Contractors and subcontractors must be paid promptly

Construction projects in Florida vary in size and complexity, but many involve various different types of trades in order to complete the project. This is especially true for large projects such as office buildings and apartment buildings. These types of projects will include heavy equipment operators, steel workers, electricians, people to put up sheetrock, painters and many more professionals. Generally, there is not one company who will do all these tasks, so construction projects generally involve many different companies to do each specialty.

Common types of construction disputes that arise

There are many buildings and other structures in Florida, and none of them built themselves. Each building required construction, and given the different aspects of any building project, they often require a general contractor and then various subcontractors to complete various aspects of the project. All of the people involved must do their job in order to complete the project correctly. Then, once their jobs are completed, they need to receive the compensation that they earned.

Delays in condo development lead to construction disputes

Florida has some beautiful property along the ocean and many people are willing to pay large amounts of money to live on the beach. Therefore, there are many new condominium developments that are constructed offering oceanside luxury living. However, the developments need to be built first and the construction can take time, which is expected. Many times, these condos are sold before the construction is complete. Buyers will want to know when they will be able to move in, and will sign contracts based on those expectations even if construction is not complete.

The basics of mechanic's liens for construction contracts

There are many new construction projects starting in Florida almost all the time. These construction projects could include just improvements to existing structures and dwellings or could involve construction of completely new buildings. These construction projects generally begin with the owner of the property signing a contract with a contractor in which the contractor agrees to complete the construction and the owner agrees to pay the contractor for their work.

A notice of claim of construction defect is suit

Construction is big business in South Florida, with its booming commercial real estate market. Occasionally, the rush to complete a project or development - or perhaps faulty engineering or design - can result in construction defects. When a construction defect is discovered in Florida, the typical procedure under state law is to file a notice of construction defect with the general contractor of the project. This is a requirement before a lawsuit can be filed.

Apartment development drives housing starts in Florida, elsewhere

Anyone with eyes can see that residential construction is booming in Miami and throughout South Florida. Much of this boom is due largely to major, multi-million-dollar apartment and condominium developments. Given the increasing population in South Florida, the addition of so many new housing units will help to keep the area somewhat affordable for residents. However, with a boom in development there is usually also a boom in construction litigation.

Miami bridge collapse underscores dangers of defects

When a defect - or defects - is present in a construction project, the potential liability for a developer or contractor can be enormous. Simply mitigating a defect can result in a seven or eight figure price tag for parties involved in the project. In cases where personal injury or death result from a design or construction defect, which can also be an indication of professional malpractice, the legal and financial consequences can be devastating for a business.

Suit demonstrates costliness of construction disputes

Miami and South Florida have seen tremendous development of infrastructure over the past several years. From rail corridors and airport projects, to improved freeway and tollway systems, the region is expanding at a breakneck pace. Unfortunately, the pressures of major construction projects can lead to disputes between developers and contractors or subcontractors. And disputes may result in construction litigation, which is almost always costly.

Liability for construction defects in Florida

Construction defects can be costly. Where they involve large commercial developments, the price tag for mitigating defects in construction can easily run into the millions of dollars. In the case of an undiscovered defect, if it results in personal injury or death, the financial and legal fallout can be disastrous. Whenever a defect of design or construction is present, the potential for construction litigation exists.

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