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What is commercial disparagement?

A business owner's livelihood, as well as the livelihood of their employees, is tied up in the entity that they create and run to offer goods or services to others. All across Miami, men and women get up each day and put their hearts and souls into making their businesses run effectively and efficiently.

How to handle a partnership dispute

Partnership disputes can oftentimes result in litigation which can be partnership ending. Partnership disputes most often arise from a real or perceived breach of trust between the partners. The most common breaches of trust usually involve money, self-dealing by one of the partners, failing to account for money or assets, profiting individually from a partnership opportunity or theft. These disputes may also arise in the context of limited liability companies and closely held corporations.

Legal protections against business torts

Competition in the business world is a good thing but, at times, it can cross the line into tortious conduct. There are legal resources available to help parties impacted by interference with contractual relations or a business expectancy. Tortious interference occurs when one party, with the intent to cause economic harm, interferes with the contract or business relationships of another party.

What are business torts?

If you have heard the term business tort, you may have wondered what it refers to. Business torts, and torts in general, describe legally recognized wrongs one party may commit against the other. In general, damages may be owed when one party commits a business tort against the other party such as intentionally interfering with the party's business and contractual relationship with a third party.

How can I file a lawsuit for tortious interference?

When businesses enter into a contract, there is an understanding between them that both parties will act in good faith and do their best to hold up their end of the deal. However, when a third party interferes with the contract with the purpose of forcing someone to break a contract or ending a professional relationship, the aggrieved party may file a lawsuit against that party for tortious interference.

Former Amazon executive faces lawsuit for violating non-compete

When an employee signs a non-compete agreement, they generally are not allowed to work for a competitor of their current employer for a set number of months after leaving said employer. A violation of a non-compete agreement is considered a breach of contract and can mean penalties for the breaching party.

Royalty dispute causes trouble between Apple and Qualcomm

When an owner of a patent, copyrighted material or property allows another party to use their work, they can require the user to pay them royalties. Royalties can equal a percentage of the revenue earned by using the work. When the user refuses to pay the royalties, a royalty dispute will likely arise between the two parties, causing business relationships to suffer.

Legal help with an intra-family business tort in Florida

Families in Florida who are involved in a business together will have to adhere to the same laws as anyone else. It is unfortunate that family disputes often arise when there is a business at stake, but it happens quite frequently. Allowing personal relationships to get involved with a business is a mistake that many people make. Regardless of the personal feelings, it is imperative to have protection when issues such as economic loss, breach of contract or any other problem with a business relationship arises. This is why it is imperative to have experienced legal help.

Legal protection in a high-end business tort in Miami

Going into business in Miami can be complicated. Many prospective business owners and entrepreneurs will seek to have partnerships, limited liability companies and other options to provide themselves with protection and flexibility. These businesses can be extremely profitable to all parties.

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